Your testimonials are letting you down. You collected them robotically and then slap them up because you’re supposed to have them.

Create your own word-of-mouth with cultivated and polished testimonials.
Perfect Set of Testes Guide is a thorough guide to getting, editing and using your testimonials for more sales.
Life after Perfect Set of Testes:
Create more word of mouth yourself
Have a folder full of praise that turbo-charges your relaunch
Write follow-up emails that generate better testimonials in minutes
Increased sales from your existing sales page (do it for your sales page)
What’s inside the 17 page PDF:
Three methods of mining for testimonials
Increasing word of mouth strategy
Editing strategy for irresistible testes
Fail-safe strategy to never lose another wild testimonial
5 email templates
Perfect Set of Testes helps you extract morsels of goodness from what can be an awkward process. I kind of love that when I read my testies, I want to book myself!
Sas Petherick
Whenever I read one of your sales pages your testimonials are spot on. They talk about the results, are specific, and say exactly the kind of stuff I want to hear as a potential buyer.
Iris Barzen
50 (social) proof. The strongest.
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